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I hope you will examine Love to Live and The Innkeeper.

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Welcome to My Web Site: foundation notions; compatibility of all fields of inquiry
Publications of Ken Wear's efforts (copyrighted: to contact Ken, click here)
My book, Love to Live and Live to Love is now available - To preview or order, click here
The Innkeeper (a dramatic Christmas ballad) click title for sheet music); for preview click here
Timely concerns
Abortion: reason, emotion and motive - To preview, click here
Drug list: effect, detection, addiction, (alcohol), . . ., war on drugs To preview, click here
Politics of drug usage and abuse: the 'War on Drugs'
Life game and drugs
Restore our Constitutional Republic to fit our character - To preview, click here
Heart attack and stroke: Emergency medical information. Copy and keep
The Ten Commandments (secular or traditional); copy for wall display - To preview, click here
You and me and society: Our social contract - To preview, click here
History (Past and Future)
Remember the Exxon-Valdez - To preview, click here. Dare we ignore its lessons?
Beginning of stars and ending of intelligence - To preview, click here
Resurgence of Earth's civilization: a colony to survive massive destruction
Terri Schiavo: Death, Religion, Reason and Emotion
Is mankind undoing the benefits of evolution?
Christian-Muslim church-state conflict (Islam is incompatible with our republic); Islam: a brief history
Science and Technology
Energy: Present and Potential Sources - To preview, click here
Biodiesel data and engine design
Algae as source for fuel will reduce atmospheric CO2 - To preview, click here
Global temperature: mans impact: a review
Since Big Bang: Life, Evolution and Fossils: a summary
Was the Big Bang the ultimate beginning
Astronomy: addendum to Big Bang
Study of UFOs could advance our science
Reforms that would be beneficial
The intellectually gifted light our path
School reform for efficiency in instruction
Phonetic alphabet with implementations
Suggested English language reforms
Automatic driving: The technology is now ours; we should use it in cars and highways.
Religious and Mystic
Rational Theism: Religion and science: two sides same coin - To preview, click here
Make Rational Theism a denomination; for our blog click here.
House of Man resolves conflicts arising from differing religious beliefs
Deism vs Atheism vs mysticism: Versions of Reality
Intelligent Design, Creationism, Evolutionism or Theistic Evolution?
Churches serve God by serving His creatures
Muslim Extremism, Christian Extremism, History of Islam
The Christian Bible and science
The Bible's creation story agrees wtih science (There is no reason for conflict)
The Israelite escape from Egypt: The Red Sea incident is geologically within reason
Noah's flood: an event in pre-history: elements of engineering and poetic license
Personal outlook
Book Love to Live & Live to Love: Making Longevity Worthwhile is available. click here
Personal Outlook on Life: (The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful . . .) copy for wall display
Whom shall you believe? Intuition is Your Ultimate Arbiter
Your Choices Create Your Happiness
For a Committed Relationship: (I am who I am . . . I realize you . . .) copy for wall display
Recreation and entertainments
Dancing (next to eating in joyful activity) and Ballroom dancing (starter instruction) - to preview click here
Can you dance? Test yourself with this simple test. Ballroom dancers: Print and circulate to your friends.
Original songs by Ken Wear; click here for descriptions.
Personal history
Religious odyssey of Ken Wear
My Reality: The cosmos and Ken Wear's religious view
Expansion of Ken Wear's Reality (deity and His realm)
Health and How I Quit Smoking mind, body and health (self-observations)
Opinions on contemporary topics such as politics, security, whether we as a nation are committing suicide click here, "cap & trade", immigration, terrorism, Israel, catastrophes and homosexuals, as well as tribe, race and race relations click here. I don't hold back in expressing my opinions (dated and indexed by topic). For a more complete description, click here.

I have for decades searched for the rights and wrongs of life, science, philosophy and religion; these pages present my results.If you find here elements of truth, share that knowledge (and this URL) with others. Comment is invited at the end of most pages.

* It would be arrogant to suggest my opinions are superior to yours but, if my statements assist you in strengthening opinions that are distinctively yours, they have served a useful purpose.

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About The Rational Link, Inc. (TRL): Ken commenced public outreach with a secular version of The Ten Commandments for classroom display. He organized TRL to receive tax exempt contributions since costs can readily outstrip his income. TRL underwrote publication of the book Love to Live and Live to Love (LL); then emphasis shifted to Springboard Books, a series intended to encourage dialogue between parents and their offspring. Financial help is solicited to offset costs of publication. For a further description of objectives click here. To contact Ken click here.

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Affirmations: "The world is beautiful. Life is beautiful. I am surrounded by beauty. A sensual feast delights . . ." [And on] Click here.

Affirmations: "I am me; I am who I am. . . . In my commitment to you . . . I will hear . . . I will try . . . I will look at differences . . . Our intent as a couple . . ." [And on] Click here.

School reform: Efficiency comes from specialization. Assignment of a broad range of abilities and attainments in a single classroom is inherently wasteful of teacher and teaching resources. I suggest reorganization of teaching units with compressed and extended formats to match student rate of advancement as well as rational use of busing and discipline. To view, click here.
Moreover, I feel that individual intellectual giftedness is the one resource of all resources that must be identified and developed. Our failure to do so will impact the future of our kind and deprive all of us of the benefits that only the gifted can create. To view, click here.

Whom Shall You Believe?: Ultimately it is your intuition that forms the basis for your acceptance or rejection of facts and ideas. Intuition and reason are trainable, and you have myriad sources of information and training from which you select your own mind-set. To view, click here.

House of Man: All religions spring from the same source within us, but men of good will have developed competing views of the one Reality. Competition is healthy, but there ought also be mutual respect and cooperation. To view, click here.

Versions of Reality: Each of us has need to achieve inner peace regarding his belief system. Here is a collection of ideas garnered from various religious and mystical sources dealing with continuity of the soul beyond death, the organization required for that possibility, and the prospect of a deity or God. If you are confident in your faith, you can afford to examine ideas that others harbor. If not, you should consider what your intuition tells you of these ideas. Some things you will accept as demonstrable fact and others you must accept on faith. To view, click here.

Churches and other religious organizations have been derelict in providing for the consequences of their missionary activity. Economic development is as much needed as converting the heathen. Moreover, the church is the only organization in our society that can provide sex education without exciting controversy. To view comments and specific suggestions, click here.

Dance: Dancing is sociability, pleasure and health combined. Everyone should learn and practice some form of dance. For a general discussion, click here.
For an exercise you can use to check your readiness to dance, click here. Dancers: You should circulate this among your non-dancing friends.
Ballroom Dancing: Commencing to Dance: What you need to know to start dancing, including initial exercises and dance steps. It is discussed more completely below; click here

Happiness: You are not entirely the helpless victim in your descent into unhappiness because the things that influence your happiness are, to a large extent, yours to control. To view, click here.

Was the Big Bang the ultimate beginning? The Big Bang intuitively offers an explanation of the beginnings of our Universe and there has been much mathematical and experimental effort expended to affirm the correctness of this theory. But the question of initial conditions -- what set the stage for the Bang -- has been a barrier to acceptance of the theory. Here is an alternative explanation that casts the question of initial conditions into another framework and suggests the Big Bang is a continuation of an evolution already set in motion. It also suggests an answer to the ultimate question of the origin of deity. To view, click here.

From Creation to now: Big Bang, Evolution and Life: Development of the universe including galaxies, Solar system, Earth and geology leading to life on Earth and ultimately to us: a brief survey. To view, click here

Phonetic alphabet: With an adequate phonetic alphabet, any language on Earth should be renderable with that alphabet. My analysis of English led to a set of 38 distinct sounds (not counting minor variations produced by such things as a leading 'r'). A single artifact obviates the need for capital letters with their doubling the number of required symbols. There are specific steps needed to implement this alphabet, and I hope others will join me in practicing writing our English language with this alphabet and in carrying out the needed steps toward implementation. To view, click here.
Moreover, there are a number of ways in which the English language could be rendered more understandable -- or less confusing; to view, click here.

Automatic Driving: All of the technologies are in place for totally hands-free driving. To view click here. (12-21-08: The next steps are incorporating the technology in a car and preparing a stretch of road as a test platform. Let the U.S. lead the way.)

Theistic Evolution: Consider the fossil record and the limited knowledge of intermediate life forms. It seems that evolution, contrary to traditional teaching of the theory of evolution, has progressed by quantum leaps, which suggests intervention by outside factors. To view, click here.

Science and the Bible's Creation Story: The degree of agreement between what we take as science and Creation as described in Genesis One is remarkable. I was astounded at realizing the author(s) of the Biblical text had such remarkable insight. To view, click here.

My Reality: All truths, be they religious, scientific, mystical, whether derived from intuition, reason or observation, must be compatible because there can be only one truth in any line of thought. Science, religion and human experience must ultimately reflect a single set of truths. Here is my construction. To view, click here.

Titles accessed by Preview clicks. Order is irrelevant.

Abortion and Reason: I was unaware of abortion, much less its impact, until my daughter neared puberty, about the same time the 'pill' became part of the American experience. Over time I have observed, read and interpreted -- and published a monthly opinion exchange where the topic of abortion seemed never to be exhausted -- and distilled the essences of those years of discussion and reflection. You will find no passionate insistence or defense here, just an effort to suggest what reason requires. To view, click here.

Love to Live and Live to Love: Making Longevity Worthwhile
An adult book whose thrust is reduction of stress; it starts with symptoms of heart attack and stroke and the suggested responses; it then discusses specifics of reducing of stress (including committed relationships), techniques of massage, suggestions to heighten your sexual delights, specific foods relating to cholesterol, and suggested exercise regimens.
The stress connection: Reduction of stress conveys the immediate benefit of greater satisfaction in your daily activities. Moreover, medical research has recognized that inflammation and stress are the root causes of build-up of plaque in our arteries, including the heart, as cause of heart attack and stroke, so reduction of cholesterol is only part of the battle. Cholesterol is a constituent of your body's cells and half the victims of heart attack have normal cholesterol. Clearly high cholesterol is part symptom and part cause, and low cholesterol creates a different set of health problems; it is vital to health. Researchers realized that it is stress that causes the build-up of plaque, starting in the interior of artery walls and progressing out into the blood stream, and cholesterol is only one of several ingredients that make up plaque. And it is inflammation that creates ruptures in those artery walls (so plaque can take hold) and dislodges bits and clots from the plaque to clog an artery. So: anti-inflammatory foods and vitamins, plus eliminating as much stress as possible, should produce an internal bodily climate that lends to longevity. Of course, exercise is necessary to maintaining a healthy heart and strong circulation of blood.
Reducing stress has both immediate and long term rewards. Not only does it improve your chances to experience happiness now, but it improves your chances for longevity with the prospect of heightened rewards during an extended life span. You win thrice by reducing stress.
My driving motive in writing was ridding ourselves of the kinds of stress that lead to arterial plaque and the resultant heart attack or stroke, as well as alleviating the results of stress. Sexual activity is part of that picture, as are massage, exercise and foods; and the book discusses each in turn.
ISBN 978-1-59526-866-2 has been assigned and the book is now availble from Llumina Press and Amazon and is available by special order from many book stores. And I have a few copies available for immediate shipment. For further information from Llumina Press,
click here; to order from Llumina, click here; or go to Amazon and enter the title "Love to Live and Live to Love."
About me: My training was physics and engineering, and I worked for years in space-related research. A broken marriage and heart attack led me to apply the same clear thinking to other aspects of life. My hope is that my traumas and the research that followed will help others.
To contact me or order from me click here. (with $1 sales tax $15 plus $5 P&H)
In the aftermath of publication:
What readers are saying, click here.
Further information
Since publication of the book freezes the text, and I continue to search for information and insights, I will add further information that I uncover, and further insights, after the description of the book; click here.
For tips and products on enriching adult sex life, foods/cholesterol, exercise regimens, massage, . . . click here.
To find help in overcoming addictions, click here.
For help in reordering your life afterward or locating a support group, click here.

Displaying The Ten Commandments: Every classroom in America, as well as the foyer of every public building, should display some form of this document. Our teachers need a tool for moral instruction and our public needs a reminder of societal norms. It isn't guns that kill so much as moral lapses, and education is the one tool at our disposal for reducing crimes voluntarily commited by one person against another. Here is a secular presentation of the last six of the Ten (the first four being admittedly religious in nature). To view, click here.

Ballroom dancing: commencing to dance: (If you have an urgent need to learn something quickly, you will find help on Page 1 in blue.) Here is information and instruction to take you from "two left feet" to comfortably dancing several beginning figures. It is organized in a timely sequence to present information and practice instructions as needful. My approach is unique among dance instructors I have known since I present both what the man does to lead his lady and the expected response from her. Instruction will get you started with Rhythm Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba and Swing. To go there, click here. While this opens the world of ballroom dancing to you, you will wish later to enlarge your repertoire of these dances and include other dances such as another version of Fox Trot, Tango, Samba, Cha Cha, Polka, . . .
A book of further instruction is available. You may contact me via e-mail by
clicking here

Social Contract: We have developed rules for our relationships based on elemental concepts of fairness, reason and safety. I am conservative in the sense that each person should have autonomy over himself so long as he respects the autonomy of, and inflicts no harm on, others. This is my view of a host of concerns, such as religion, marriage, prostitution, conception, infancy, adult issues, suicide, racism, greed, women's rights, homosexuality, abortion, our future, . . ., that dictate how we deal with each other. To contrast that with your point of view, click here.

Drugs: An educational effort to present facts for youngsters and adults alike about specific drugs, their detection, etc., along with information to facilitate discussions. To view, click here. I also have strong feelings about the "War on Drugs" and recognize the misdirection of taxes in pursuit of a goal that defies rationality. To view, click here. A personal philosophy regarding life and drugs is discussed, and personal testimonials about the influence of drugs are included; to view click here.

Over time successive Supreme Court decisions have emasculated the vision our forefathers had for this country, to the detriment of reason, safety and liberty. To examine proposed amendments,
click here.
Supreme Court judges should be appointed for long but limited terms; to examine, click here.
Sexual practices and consequences are no business of Federal judiciary; to examine, click here.
Security is a personal responsibility; to examine, click here.
The "War on Drugs" is an unproductive, expensive and unwarranted fiasco; to examine, click here.
Illegal immigrants are here in violation of our laws; to examine, click here.
American English is our national language; click here.
We should be free to express our religious convictions without Federal oversight, . . . ; click here.

Energy for the Future: Somehow the U.S. must relax the strangle hold antagonistic foreign nations have on petroleum. Here is a brief survey of various sources of energy with suggestions on conservation and directions for research and development. To access, click here.
Since I encourage using today's agricultural products as energy source, I have included a page on biodiesel; to view, click here. I suspect that a by-product of biodiesel, from many feedstocks, would be ethanol.
Considering the intense interest in algae as a source for oils, I have included a page on algae (with an emphasis on biodiesel although algae will ultimately become a primary source of foods for both humans and animals); to view click here. Again, many algae may provide ethanol either from their sugar or cellulose content or as a by-product of biodiesel production.

Musing on the beginning and end: Reflect on 1) the magnitude of Creation, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, 2) the effects of development unfettered by concern for its lasting damage, 3) leaders pursuing their own interests with unconcern for the consequences, and 4) the probability that our civilization (like others that have been established on other planets orbiting other suns) will suffer a fate that seems an inevitable outgrowth of its own accomplishments. To view, click here. And, afterward, share the outcome of your reflections.

Exxon Valdez: I recall the extreme measures taken at the time of construction of the Alaska pipeline to protect migration routes and be environmentally friendly; the dollar cost was huge. But in operation the safety of the oil-carrying fleet of vessels was virtually ignored -- until the unthinkable happened and a drunken captain let his ship run aground and devastate one of Earth's remaining pristine -- and most fertile -- habitats. Nobody knew how to contend with it or repair it; throwing billions of dollars at 'clean-up' couldn't begin to repair the damage; the mix of wild life can never be restored. This is a black eye for our species, but the oil interests still seem unwilling to spend the time and money to contain large spills. It is their world as well as ours; I shudder at what this portends for the future. To view, click here. You may wish to find a blog for an update; search "exxon valdez oil spill blogs"; there are thousands (2009) to choose from. See my web page (click above) for what I learned the other day.

Rational Theism: A context is suggested for the human spirit in the present and in the hereafter (as a spirit); restatements of fundamental religious ideas bring them into accord with what reason dictates. We recognize how the deity's Will came to be expressed in our religious literature as well as the origin of traditional dogma as individuals have attempted to elucidate that Will. In the absence of incontrovertible scientific evidence there is or is not a deity, reason and intuition both suggest you express your beliefs carefully in choosing whichever argument best fits your temperament. To view, click here. A blog has been established; visit it at and send me a description of your efforts to make your religion compatible with reason. I have no choice but edit contents of the blog in order to avoid spam and other abuse, but I will add pertinent comment unedited (or edited if you ask me to).

Opinions Entries are indexed by topic so you can pursue your interest. Here is a collection (to tickle your conscience) of comment on a host of current issues and concerns, both foreign and domestic. To view foreign relations (U.N., China, Indonesia, Palestine, disasters, Iraq, security, terrorism, catastrophes), click here; for domestic policy (athletics, crime, energy, marriage, political correctness, suicide, Social Security, race, tribes, trade), click here.

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The INNKEEPER: the Christmas ballad (copyrighted, in pdf format)
The keeper of that inn in Bethlehem has been defamed by preachers for generations. But he had no extra room to offer; his inn was full and he could not ask another guest to give up his room. Rather than turn Joseph and Mary away, he did the best he could to provide shelter to a woman about to give birth. This song honors the innkeeper as a thoughtful, caring man (just as we honor Joseph for providing for a woman pregnant with a child now his own) and then proceeds with the traditional Christmas story.
Music is complete with introduction, piano, percussion (donkey carrying Mary), harmony and meshing melody with harmony. It has been reworked for readability and ease of use, with cover, in booklet form.
For further information, score and lyrics,
click here.
For front cover art, click here.
To contact me, click here.
I had hoped to create a blog where choristers could add comment on their programs using The Innkeeper but have thus far been unable to open it to additions by others. But, to allow descriptions, please contact me via e-mail and I will add your comments (anonymous, if you wish) at the end of the web page describing the music. For comments, click here.

I have written and copyrighted other songs. They are pdf format. If you have an interest, you may access any of them by clicking here.
"I'm In Love With Someone" (copyrighted) was written for a valentine party for Christian high schoolers and not performed at the time. Its first verse is intended to be sung by a girl, the second by a boy, and the third by both in unison.
"To Terri From Mike" (copyrighted) was written after the death of Terri Schiavo. One Saturday morning I awoke with the beginnings of words and melody playing on my mind. They would not go away so I sat down with pen for words and keyboard for music. By Sunday evening the song was complete. As this is written it has not, to my knowledge, been performed.
"She Lied and Said": (copyrighted) My heart was breaking when I wrote these words and the tune sort of fell into place. I ran across them the other day and put the tune to paper. (Words were largely taken from an earlier copyrighted song "Part Time Husband.") When you examine wording you will recognize that verses 1,3,5,6 are intended to be sung by a male voice, verses 2,4 by a female voice.

My printer takes 8 pages or 4 sheets of paper to print this document.